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Save your Tang points for a t-shirt! (1987)

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This ad was featured in seemingly every comic book in 1987.   I’ve never seen that Wham!-inspired “T is for Tang” t-shirt at any thrift store or anywhere else in the world, but I will not rest until it is mine.  

The raison d’etre for the other “Big Orange Big Shot” Tang stuff is more than a little mystifying.  The only plausible explanation is that a lonely middle aged gal  in the Tang promo department got taken by a particularly crafty bullshit artist promotional products salesman.  What else could explain the existence on this material plane of a Tang-themed novelty phone (please God, let that be a phone)?  Sure, astonauts drank Tang and the name itself has a certain elementary school yard je ne sais quoi, but nothing attracts the unwanted attention of a bully like orange shades and headbands.  The copyrighter seems to run out of steam when describing the orange suspenders and shies away from calling them Atomic Wedgie magnets, instead shrugging, “They’re orange, they’re adjustable, and they’re a lot cooler than a belt” .

I’m tempted to write to the TANG! brand PO box in Kankakee just to see what happens.  There’s no way they actually gave these away to anyone- but if that $10  ($67000 in today’s dollar adjusted for inflation) phone exists, please write to your humble author with your asking price.

PS. Tang is also sold under the Senior Citizen-targeted branch name Metamucil.

image grabbed from Negative Pleasure

on ebay: vintage Delta Airlines t-shirt (1984)

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Recently listed this one on ebay.   “Delta gets you there” has to one of the most lukewarm corporate slogans of all time.  The corresponding commercial is an absolutely delightful slice of moldy 80s cheese.

Friday feelgood song of the week: “Head on” by Jesus and Mary Chain (1989)

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The entire Automatic lp is a great feeling good about feeling bad record, but this is the all-time classic.

selling on eBay: OG deadstock Jeff Kendall Santa Cruz Skateboards vintage t-shirt (1986)

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I’ve got this OG Jeff Kendall shirt up now on eBay.  It’s deadstock and doesn’t seem to have ever been worn, washed or out of storage.   Don’t wait around- I’m already getting offers on it and there are 9 days to go!  Starts at $49.95 but honestly the sky’s the limit on this one as vintage skateboarding shirts are really hot right now!

sold on ebay: classic 80s Mickey Mouse Disneyland raglan jersey

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A personal favorite of mine, sold for $19.95 out of the Bulldog Vintage ebay store.  Thanks, chilin123!

Pizza Hut Back to the Future II solar shades (1989)

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What a great product tie-in!  These insane sunglasses were sold at Pizza Hut in 1989 to promote the release of Back to the Future II.   It seems that the blue ones with the yellow overhang were the most common.  These can still often be found in thrift stores, probably because the other ones are not as instantly recognizable and work well for a totally 80s halloween costume.

image grabbed from Clintonlovespizza

Mercyful Fate “Melissa” t-shirt (1983)

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I can’t get over this incredible Mercyful (sic) Fate tour 1983 t-shirt.  I really dig how the orange and black work together- and it’s on a gray shirt- largely unheard of in the world of metal.  This fine specimen recently went for $206 on eBay, so now is the time to search that box of Metal-ania you left in your Mom’s basement.   If you find this shirt, please email me!

In the immortal cackled words of King Diamond, “ahahahahaha WHOOO!”

Corey Feldman dons an X swatch in “Dream a Little Dream” (1989)

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Ah, the legendary X-rated Swatch!   The X-rated Swatch, or X Swatch, was originally released in 1987  but quickly developed a cult following amongst the Youth Crew Straightedge crowd. Through the clear lense of hindsight, it seems a bit incongruous on the wrist of noted narcotic enthusiast Master Feldman and I believe there was a rumor at the time that this ceremonious scene of the donning of the X Swatch in the Corey Squared vehicle, “Dream a Little Dream”, was Feldman’s nodding wink to signify his commitment to the XStraightedge Hardcore CommunityX.  Somehow I think not.

I’ve owned two of these in my life.     The first X Swatch I procured was Continue reading

“I can see my own death”

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Name this movie in the comments and list your favorite parts.  annnnd go!

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Michael Jordan at Castles and Coasters, Phoenix (1984)

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Michael Jordan enjoying Castles and Coasters in Phoenix.  This place is still around- my guess is MJ had no problem passing the “you must be this height to ride this” bar.   You can probably ride this same cart, since there’s no way in Hell they have bought new ones since then.   I’ll have to check it out.