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the original Boy Scouts “Be Prepared” badge (1910?)

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I was never in the Boy Scouts, but I’m minorly obsessed with their vintage regalia.  I probably have 20 vintage Cub Scouts books and 200 badges.  This one went for over $200 on eBay.

on eBay: World War I era firefighter’s helmet

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Ebay seller Jimpicks has this and a few other incredible World War I era helmets for sale.  I’m watching this one.

on eBay: French Free Forces Medal of Liberated France (1944)

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up now for $45 from seller Elite Militaria, shipping from Australia, ending on April 17th.

“The Road to Nowhere” by Lee Standin

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This is the quintessential description of Phoenix.

“…(T)he Interstate didn’t create the suburbs; it legitimized them.  If you live in the middle of a subdivision, you have no trouble imagining- it takes a positive act not to imagine– that America is made up entirely of suburbs, district after district of them, unfolding over the empty land like Japanese flowers.  A block of track homes, then a mall; another block, and a strip of franchises; another block, and maybe an empty field where condos are going to go.  The world has no center and no boundaries.  Everybody knows that suburban people will drive two blocks to the supermarket rather than walk unaided;  one result of this habit is that any give place seems as hard or as easy to get to as anywhere else.  A trip to a mall and a vacation in another state– there’s no qualitative difference.  When there’s nothing nearby, and nothing blocks your view, every sight line extends into infinity.”

from this, to which I was guided by Boing Boing.

on ebay: Olivetti Valentine typewriter (1969)

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This beauty is available now on eBay for a mere $675.

Ettore Sottsass designed the Valentine typewriter (with Perry A. King) for Olivetti in 1969 to be an “anti-machine machine,” for use “anyplace but an office.”   Good luck finding a ribbon for it.   This was more of a fashion accessory than a hard working office tool.  You can definitely picture Joan Halloway rocking one of these babies.

Olivetti is one of the last typewriter manufacturers still in business.

Top Five Funny Antiquated Ethnic Group Names

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1. Tartars
2. Ubangis
3. Dongs
4. Vandals
5. Walloons

Custer Battlefield Hiway (1920s?)

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Undated travel decal from the Emergence of Advertising collection.
scoured from Google:

“The CBH route originated in Des Moines, passed through Ames to the west, then north and west through Sioux City, and across into Montana, ending at the Glacier National Park in western Montana. “

Image of an astounding map of the route, grabbed from an ebay auction. Feel free to buy it for me! Check out’s ebay store for tons of incredible images. (uncompensated gushing endorsement- but I would graciously accept this map!) Tell them Bulldog Vintage sent ya.

I would love to convice the family to travel this route on our next vacation. Too bad it’s not the Thirties or I would hitchhike it. I’d love to make a Twenties country music song about this route, an imagined pre-cursor to “Route 66”. Anyone play fiddle and or washboard out there? I’ll sing.