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Not everyone in Arizona is an asshole

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Chicago is my hometown, but I have lived in Arizona for 5+ years now.  I vote,  I petitioned the honorable Gov’nor Brewer to kindly fuck off and veto SB1070.   Alas, the yokels have taken the day- for now.   Frau Brewer’s favorability rating actually went up in the wake of this ridiculous and obviously unconstitutional development. 

Boycotting Arizona is not the answer.   Economically strangling an already struggling part of the country is not the answer.  Mocking Arizona is easy- hell,  I do it all the time!  But some of us have to live here and not everyone in Arizona is a racist asshole.

For the record, I am in favor of fair immigration policies for all people.  I am against the militarization of the border.  I am in favor of documenting everyone who wants to work here in the Unites States- holding open the gate for law-abiding citizens and keeping out the crooks.   Guest workers should be welcomed and taxed.   Fundamental human rights dictate and  I am in favor of all people having access to public facilities, hospitals, the streets at night, schools, immunizations, etc   I believe that borders are arbitrary designations.

The New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts No More!

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It took 42 years, but the New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts no more!  The Saints were my first favorite football team when I was kid growing up in Houma and Baton Rouge.   My dad took me to see the Saints lose to the Bengals in 1981 in a practically empty Super Dome.  Even then, it was a party.  I asked for a real Saints football helmet that year for Christmas and Santa delivered!  After banging my head against the wall a few times to scuff it up, I noticed that the gold paint actually covered a Packers helmet! 

It was practically unimaginable at 8 years old that the Saints would ever win the Super Bowl.  Back then, hardly anyone called them the Saints, they were always “the Ain’ts”- as in “they Ain’t never gonna win nothing.”  At 35 years old, this is pretty much how long I thought it would take.   New Orleans needed this and my 8 year old self rejoices. 

But I’m still a Bears fan and have been since 1983.

Top Five Funny Antiquated Ethnic Group Names

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1. Tartars
2. Ubangis
3. Dongs
4. Vandals
5. Walloons