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Friday Feel good song of the week: Soul Train line dance to Curtis Mayfield’s “Get Down” (1971)

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Ridiculously fun and creative stuff on Soul Train.   Try to watch this without swaying and smiling!

George Plimpton pitches for Intellivision (1981)

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George Plimpton has to be one of the most unlikely pitchmen of all time and one of the most memorable.  As a kid, I had no earthly idea who George Plimpton was or why he was trotted out to tout the virtues of the unbelievable graphics of Intellivision’s Major League Baseball.   But the Paris Review founder was very well known for his excursions into the world of professional sports as a rank amateur and writing about those experiences for Sports Illustrated and in many best selling books, especially Paper Lion.   But to me, he was just a square Yankee dude in a gray flannel suit.