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Kleenex (aka LiLiPUT) “Nice” (Switzerland, 1978)

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Kleenex was one of the first all-female punk bands, coming straight out of Switzerland in 1978.   They had to change their name from Kleenex to LiLiPUT when the Kimberley Clark Corporation threatened to sue them in 1979.   I was first introduced to this band by the A Lines, who cover this song on their outstanding “You Can Touch” LP.   I love this kind of disaffected foreign art school girl punk rock to the max!  Surprisingly, this band’s debut ep only goes for $10 or so on eBay.  The clothes these Swiss misses are wearing would not look out of place in an American Apparel ad today.

* edit:  I guess Kill Rock Stars released something by LiLiPUT this year.  Whatevs.  I guess in not the archeologist I fancy myself to be.

Corey Feldman dons an X swatch in “Dream a Little Dream” (1989)

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Ah, the legendary X-rated Swatch!   The X-rated Swatch, or X Swatch, was originally released in 1987  but quickly developed a cult following amongst the Youth Crew Straightedge crowd. Through the clear lense of hindsight, it seems a bit incongruous on the wrist of noted narcotic enthusiast Master Feldman and I believe there was a rumor at the time that this ceremonious scene of the donning of the X Swatch in the Corey Squared vehicle, “Dream a Little Dream”, was Feldman’s nodding wink to signify his commitment to the XStraightedge Hardcore CommunityX.  Somehow I think not.

I’ve owned two of these in my life.     The first X Swatch I procured was Continue reading