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Friday feel good song of the week: “Police on my back” by The Equals

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I always thought this was an original song by The Clash,  but I guess not!  The lead singer, Eddy Grant, went on to rock down to Electric Avenue in the early 80s (side note: I recently re-heard that song for the first time since I was a kid and realized that it’s really a protest song.)  Great voice!

sold on ebay: 1961 game worn San Francisco Giants baseball jersey

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Sold for $565 out of the Bulldog Vintage ebay store– thanks, 1797sandra!

vintage Champion Sportswear Rally Jackets (1964)

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These INCREDIBLE jackets were available in only one color- “oyster”- with any color braid available according to the above copy.   These must have been slow movers at $4.25 a pop and a minimum order of 6 a piece, leading me to believe that there must be unsold stock somewhere in some disheveled Loman-esque former Champion salesperson’s panelled Rochester basement.  My kingdom for all of the unsold Hobart College Herons jackets that were placed like oyster pearls before swine in 1964!

grabbed from Flickr

The New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts No More!

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It took 42 years, but the New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts no more!  The Saints were my first favorite football team when I was kid growing up in Houma and Baton Rouge.   My dad took me to see the Saints lose to the Bengals in 1981 in a practically empty Super Dome.  Even then, it was a party.  I asked for a real Saints football helmet that year for Christmas and Santa delivered!  After banging my head against the wall a few times to scuff it up, I noticed that the gold paint actually covered a Packers helmet! 

It was practically unimaginable at 8 years old that the Saints would ever win the Super Bowl.  Back then, hardly anyone called them the Saints, they were always “the Ain’ts”- as in “they Ain’t never gonna win nothing.”  At 35 years old, this is pretty much how long I thought it would take.   New Orleans needed this and my 8 year old self rejoices. 

But I’m still a Bears fan and have been since 1983.

vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses ad (1960)

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Wow, the ladies’ frames are unbelievable, but I’m of course checking out that fella’s aviators.   I’m still not convinced that I can pull them off since I have a big Charlie Brown head.

on ebay: Olivetti Valentine typewriter (1969)

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This beauty is available now on eBay for a mere $675.

Ettore Sottsass designed the Valentine typewriter (with Perry A. King) for Olivetti in 1969 to be an “anti-machine machine,” for use “anyplace but an office.”   Good luck finding a ribbon for it.   This was more of a fashion accessory than a hard working office tool.  You can definitely picture Joan Halloway rocking one of these babies.

Olivetti is one of the last typewriter manufacturers still in business.