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vintage Princeton University rowing windrunner Champion t-shirt (1938)

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This incredible survivor went for a mere $738 via ebay.  How righteous is that shirt?

(via Hermosa Vintage)

the ABA’s Memphis Tams (1972)

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The Memphis Tams was the offbeat team name of the shortlived but colorful Memphis ABA affiliate.  Tam appears to be short for “Tam O’Shanter”- the national cap of Scotland.  But how did they get that most unlikely of all nicknames? Continue reading

Bradley Braves logo (1958)

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Incredible Bradley Braves logo from 1958, grabbed from a New York Times Article about universities that have moved away from using Native American logos.  Interesting that Bradley retains the nickname “Braves” but has moved away from this logo.  Sure, it’s definitely dated and cutesy, but the name “Braves” seems much more offensive than this logo since it stereotypes Native Americans in a generic sense as warlike and hostile- the absolute last images that this logo conjures up.

The Vikings repulsed

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The Arizona Cardinals expelled the Minnesota Norgwegian Invaders last night, as our bigs throttled Jared Allen and the rest of the vaunted Vikes pass rush.  Warner carved up the Viking’s clearly confused secondary and Brett Favre was harried on nearly every play, uncharacteristically underachieving on third down conversions.  

Really, it’s just an excuse to post this rad Vikings button from their inaugural season.  I forget from whence I grabbed that image, sorry.